April 22, 2024

Under the sun, the pace of chasing fashion never stops. The Ideal Ray-Ban Sunglasses-RB3447 are made of 100% metal material, showing a unique and charming light, with its dazzling appearance and practical functions, it will become your fashion companion. From the frame to the lens, every detail is carefully crafted to bring you an extraordinary experience. Ray-Ban is a prestigious eyewear brand known for its timeless designs and exceptional quality. Embodying the spirit and heritage of Ray-Ban, the Sunglasses-the RB3447 are the perfect blend of fashion and function.


The metal frame of the fake Ray-Ban Sunglasses exudes a luxurious shine. The classic round design provides a stylish look while maintaining comfort and protection. Perfect for styling, these sunglasses will exude confidence and elegance for any occasion.

The Ray-Ban RB3447 Sunglasses feature a round shape that puts a sleek modern twist on classic style. This rounded shape provides the perfect balance between frame and lens to suit a variety of face shapes. The frame has smooth lines, whether it is metal texture or lens color, it shows fashion and personality.

The glass lenses of these sunglasses are made of high-quality synthetic material. And they are coated with UV protection to protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation. The lens height of up to 46.9 mm and the width of 5 mm bring you a wide and comfortable vision.

UV protection coatings can effectively filter out the harmful part of ultraviolet rays, especially ultraviolet B (UVB) and ultraviolet A (UVA) radiation. Long-term exposure to UV rays can lead to eye problems such as cataracts, corneal inflammation, etc. UV-blocking coatings help prevent these problems. Under the strong sunlight for a long time, the eyes will feel tired due to the stimulation of ultraviolet rays. The UV protection coating can reduce this fatigue and make your vision more comfortable.


Designed for men and women, the Ray-Ban RB3447 sunglasses on the fake Ray-Ban sale are available in a variety of frame colors including classic black and chic tortoise. The lens color of these sunglasses is pink. The pink lenses can add a sense of style and uniqueness to the sunglasses. Pink lenses are effective in reducing glare and reflections in sunlight, thereby reducing glare in the eyes. This allows you to be more comfortable outdoors without having to struggle unduly to adjust to bright light. In addition, pink lenses usually have some level of blue light filtering. Blue light from electronic devices and everyday light can have adverse effects on the eyes. Pink lenses can reduce the risk of exposure to blue light, thereby protecting the health of the eyes.

Available in a variety of sizes, including 47mm, 50mm and 53mm. These sunglasses ensure you’ll find the perfect size to look your best.

Round metal sunglasses can add some soft curves to people with oval faces, making the lines of the face more balanced and full. For people with square faces, the round design can neutralize the angle of the face, making the face look gentler. Round metal sunglasses can bring some balance to people with long faces, making the face look more compact and full.


Every pair of Ray-Ban RB3447 sunglasses comes with a beautiful case and lens cloth to provide you with thoughtful protection and maintenance to keep your sunglasses looking flawless.

Ray-Ban RB3447 Sunglasses are made in Italy, a country known for its exquisite craftsmanship that infuses sunglasses with exceptional quality. Whether it is from material to production, every link embodies the essence of Made in Italy.

The Ideal Ray-Ban Sunglasses-RB3447 combine luxury, protection, and style. So make Ray-Ban Sunglasses be your style choice. Chase the light, start with these sunglasses, inject more personality and charm into your fashion journey. All in all, the Ray-Ban RB3447 Sunglasses are unique, stylish and high-quality eyewear for those who care about taste and style. Whether it’s for outdoor activities or everyday wear, it will complement your look and provide comfortable protection for your eyes.

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