Fake Ray Bans Sunglass is a kind of glasses that can be used to block the sun and to look chic at the same time. We use it to protect the eye from directly sun light. Wear this lens can block ultraviolet and infrared ray. Meanwhile, it can retain the original color, as if in the cloudy day, to give you a cool and comfortable feeling.


Intense sunlight contains a large number of ultraviolet and infrared rays, which may damage the eyes, including the cornea, the lens, and even the fundus. Wearing a pair of Cheap Knockoff Ray Ban sunglasses can block or absorb parts of the light and reduce the stimulation of the eye. Due to the increasing attention to the health in recent years, many people would prefer to wear a pair of glasses in the hot summer when they go out. Besides, there are also lots of people who like to put it as a decoration. We shall choose carefully according to different needs.

Colored Sunglasses: it reduces the intensity of the sun by their own absorption of light. To add different colors in the glasses, the degree of absorption is different accordingly.


Glass Coated Sunglasses: The glass lens is coated with a layer of metal film so as to protect the eyes by the reflection of the sun light.


ray bans cheap Discoloration Glasses: usually in the room, it is colorless, transparent. And it soon become gray or other colors while exposed to the sun. This kind of glasses can automatically become deep or light with the strength of the sun. This is because the photochromic lens is processed with a small quantity of halide as light sensitizer. At the same time, this automatic adjustment of light and shade lenses can be grinded into a vision correction lens and it is suitable for myopic eyes and hypermetropic eye. The weakness is that it cannot be more than 3 refraction degree (commonly known as 300 degrees).That is because the deeper the degree is, the vaster thickness difference between the center part and the edge will be. Therefore, the differences of the color vary greatly.

Transparent Plastic Glasses: plating on a certain color, there is anti ultraviolet effect, but the infrared-prevention performance is very poor. From the cool point of view, it is not as good as glass lenses, which is not suitable to wear in summer.


ray ban sunglasses canada Crystal Glasses: it can't block infrared rays and ultraviolet rays. Colored crystal lens performs not as good as the glass lens. It is said that the crystal lens does not hurt the eyes and relax your eyes, which as a matter of fact is nonsense.


Early spring season unusual fashion choose pair of Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses queen, sunglasses and patent is not a star, fashionistas can also wearing a pair of Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses to wearing their luster, a variety of styles, big sense of design, beautiful shape has become the protagonist collocation competence! Sometimes rely on a pair of sunglasses, can instantly get Dany queen!


Mercury mirror surface Sunglasses wearing a fashionable actress fan, it's summer, the sun scorching, wearing a pair of sunglasses can not only protect the eyes, but also go out an indispensable fashion items. From many fashion street shot you will find, there is a very brisk accessories' mercury mirror surface Sunglasses', mirror has been very brisk the, plus coating technology, the various color plating in the lens, let sunglasses is no longer monotonous black, and mirror lenses will reflect the front scenery, a kind of avant-garde modern sense makes you a second fashion, popular trend in recent years, see fashionistas to wear out 'mercury mirror surface Sunglasses' chic!

Silver mirror

A silver mirror for astronauts avant-garde feeling, whether it is plain white T, or pattern of the coat can do collocation, British it girl Alexa Chung, Fan Bingbing with fashion tribe guest Chiara Ferragni fondles admiringly.


Green mirror

Green mirror because itself has the intense color, so the collocation can select monochromatic, such as basic black and white coat, don't let the whole looks too fancy. Khloe Kardashian, Shu Qi, et al. Wear simple and fashionable.


Orange mirror

Orange mirror less a sense of science and technology, many a summer exclusive warm atmosphere, matching the effect of big lips very beautiful, very suitable for holiday when wearing Fake Ray Bans sunglasses. Huggins Li Zhongshuo and Vanessa, respectively, demonstrate the different feelings of men and women wear.


Blue mirror

Blue mirror than any other color more elegant, with the same eye-catching green mirror, Blue Sunglasses dress collocation is the choice of elements is simple clothes, and blue clothes do collocation is an excellent combination, socialite Olivia Palermo and Kate Hudson, a temperament, a leisure style collocation blue mercury sunglasses are good-looking!

Ray Ban Outlet, Fake Ray Bans

With a variety of styles of Cheap Fake Ray Ban sunglasses Sale, how can you not to follow the trend of the footsteps?


The colorful Cheap Knockoff Ray Ban Sunglasses

A thin woman colorful sunglasses, the fashion color of any match, wear on the face do not clip the face, suitable for any contact, the lens of colorful, let you earn enough eyeballs!

Big box fashion sunglasses

This lady is colorful frame sunglasses, the pose, wearing super stylish, it is the big star of favorites!


Colorful fashion Ray Ban RB4257 sunglasses

Electric blue colorful female sunglasses, toad lens shape, wearing a fan, but also can decorate a face model, let face look slimmer!


Round box colorful Sunglasses

Character of a colorful sunglasses, round glasses, looks very lovely feeling, colored contact lenses and bring trend.



This summer star Master recommended retro colorful sunglasses, worn on the ultra thin face significant! Used to shoot the street is also very good, the full tidal range.

After each piece of lens, have shown a different world, not the same scenery. Similarly, our world a riot of colors, Ray Ban Sunglasses is resplendent with variegated coloration. Journey, you will path different cities, mountains and rivers, the town, prosperity, of primitive simplicity, passing through the different scenery, and in your lens to see the scenery, and how the magic of the change?


While such a good weather, why not a say go away trip, to a simple folk customs of the place, feel the texture of the original ecology, breathe the pure air. A fearless exploration, you will found that living in the nature, the landscape will become more charming, wearing Fake Ray Bans in the world would be so wonderful, doing what you like, free walking!


This Ray Ban sunglasses with a delicate texture, like heaven and earth with, showing a blue cloth, put on it to see the vast magnificent scenery, will be a lot of different feelings, come and try it.

If you in other cities, whether you have a memory is the hometown, a piece of cordial accent, a group of enthusiastic people, has a familiar taste, delicious food. Review the hometown change, with Cheap Knockoff Ray Ban Sunglasses and regain in mind that piece of scenery, in a cornfield, the wind that shakes the barley, enjoy the feeling the temperature of every inch of land, release the brilliant naive nature of it.


Yellow is the color of retro, put on it, from the lens feeling hometown familiar taste, this sunglasses is in line with the feelings.


With the progress of the times, the development of science and technology. The modern architectural landscape can be seen everywhere in a prosperous city. Evening climbed to the roof of a high to watch the sunset, the day tired unloaded, in the quiet of high-rise can see the magnificent scenery, no excuse me, whether it is in the sky sunset charming or city in the busy, can have a panoramic view.


The design of portable plate without losing the new logo design of the double bridge is a continuation of the classic brand. By suspension lenses, wearing the red Thatcher, Discount Ray Bans Sunglasses simple low-key, yet elegant style.


From ancient times to the present, the country retains historic buildings, from the west to the East, the gathering of the tribes, but also created a some wonderful like cross stitch source place, there is a simple villagers, smoke lingering immortal abuse, more let you linger scenery.


Green tends to be more close to nature, this Ray Ban Outlet will be a gradual change in the green precise expression, just like the gradual integration of nature. Put it to go to your longing for the quaint village, found not the same scenery, found not the same as their own.


Red is the color of lively leap, whether it is a boy or a girl can manage, this red frame police Sunglasses unique double nose bridge design is add a touch of a playful.