How to wear sunglasses?

* Not on the hair, nor on the forehead, but on the bridge of the nose.

*Don't wear it without sunlight. Especially indoors. Unless you're dining in a restaurant or club. So foreigners who love cheap Ray Ban sunglasses like to choose to have lunch outdoors.

*Keep in mind that wearing sunglasses of poor quality will not only protect your eyes, but also do more damage to your eyes.

Large dark ray ban sunglasses are basically a must-have accessory for celebrities to go out. First of all, because of its large size, it can be worn on the face. The small face can almost cover the entire face, and the large face can also cover 1/2 to 1/3. In addition, the advantage of choosing dark glasses is that wearing such glasses, others cannot see your eyes, and you can observe the surroundings under the cover of glasses.

The eyes are the same as the skin. If you are injured by strong ultraviolet rays, prolonged exposure to the sun will increase the risk of cataracts. Therefore, when choosing sunglasses, it is necessary to consider their ultraviolet light filtering function. The stronger the filtering function, the better the protection effect. Many people think that the darker the lens, the better it can avoid sunlight stimulation. This is not the case. The darker the lens is, the wider the pupils of the wearer will be, so if there is no UV filter function, the damage to the eyes will be greater. The national quality standard for sunglasses is: it can pass through more than 95 cages of ultraviolet rays; the light transmittance should be around 5%-30%, the bilateral lenses are fairly uniform in color and the rectification is not more than 5%, and the object is not deformed when viewed. Comfortable and bright.

I have note that lens color of fake ray bans affects not only fashion sense, but also the ability to detect contrast and distinguish colors. Lenses in some colors can enhance contrast and are very useful. However, this usually comes at the expense of color discrimination and sometimes leads to other problems, such as when you need to clearly distinguish the colors of traffic lights when driving. Some sunglasses even come with interchangeable lenses, allowing you to easily change the lens color when doing different things.

Gray lenses reduce light intensity without affecting contrast or distorting colors.

Brown lenses enhance contrast by filtering some of the blue light, making them ideal for snow sports and most hunting activities when the light is bright and the background is clear.

Amber or yellow lenses can filter out most or all of the blue light, significantly enhancing the contrast, which makes them popular with hunters because the contrast is beneficial for tracking targets in the air. However, such lenses are not suitable for activities that require color recognition such as driving, and are suitable for snow sports.

Red or orange lenses can be used for snow sports, but only on cloudy days. For hunters, orange lenses help spot khaki targets against open backgrounds.

Purple lenses are for hunters who need to spot khaki targets against a green background.

Copper-tinted sunglasses can soften the sky and grass to make the golf ball stand out more.

Blue and green sunglasses will enhance the color contrast of the yellow tennis ball.

Check for color distortion. Check the lenses against fluorescent light. Check the waveform for distortion while moving the cheap Ray ban sunglasses up and down. The absence of distortion means the sunglasses are of good quality.

If the fashion star has three treasures, it is high heels, ray-ban sunglasses and small bags. Do you know what sunglasses did for Fashion Week? Protect yourself from the photographer and the crowd: Even if you don't sleep all night, you look great!

When girls start shouting to lose weight, it means that summer is not too far away and should start standing side by side with the sun. In fact, the eye is a very delicate part of the body and is easily exposed to ultraviolet light. Be aware that it is often used in the summer by glare, which can cause many acute and chronic eye diseases and injuries.

This time, it protects the eyes and plays a vital role.

Whether it is the classic retro polarized driving sunglasses or the Korean version of the round face polarizer, cheap Ray-Ban sunglasses are cost-effective, many buyers have become customers. In my heart, sunglasses are a must-have summer fashion item No.1. Because even if you only wear a pair of white T-shirts out of the street, you only need to wear a pair of slightly designed Ray ban sunglasses, fashion can upgrade 70, you can become a star one second! What do you think of this?

If you take a picture, you can blink, close your eyes and turn your eyes. Anyway, you are a fashion blogger! The most important point is that sunglasses also have the function of headphones. You ask me what it is and give you a smile. You ask me what it is and give you a smile. Of course, don't worry about me! I am cool. Tell me about it! Interesting!

So can you ignore the existence of Ray-Ban sunglasses? Aha, don't rush to buy sunglasses, but choosing the right sunglasses is also a big concern. If you make the wrong choice, you can also not wear it.

Every summer, if you are tired of simple big sunglasses, try a fake Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses like me. When it comes to sunglasses that are too exaggerated, many people always feel that they can't catch them, and they can't match each other. First of all, I thought in the same way. Later I found out that in the summer, a pair of fake ray ban sunglasses are very eye-catching and sometimes very playful.

You might as well look at this silver fake ray bans that looks cleaner and the clothes are not difficult. It's not as heavy as it looks, it's light, and most importantly, it doesn't look old because it's gorgeous, it's not visually stiff, but it has the effect of extending the face. The sunglasses for the cat's eye design are a little naughty, you can wear a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses cheap with your family's children, which is more lovely than anyone else!

This discount ray ban sunglasses is gorgeous and gentle, and its repeat customers include me!

Ray Ban Aviators are called "black super" in the fashion world, but the nickname is very image. Hollywood ace stylist said: "without sunglasses, there is no street shooting."Indeed, for stars, cheap ray ban sunglasses are really powerful. And in hot summer or any other season, the existence of this brand always calls for praise for fashion.


  But at the same time, it is also the most vivid styling manifesto, the best reason for countless stars to walk out of the street with confidence, and, of course, a shield for stars to avoid paparazzi shots.It can be said that stars make sunglasses-such as Audrey Hepburn and Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses; Sunglasses make a lot of stars, and there are plenty of stars who can't get out of the street with sunglasses. Next, answer some questions about cheap ray bans


  Question One: The birth of cheap ray ban sunglasses

  In the 1920s, pilots suffered from headaches and vertigo as a result of glare and long-distance flights.In 1929,general Creamery requests Ray-Ban to produce a new type of air force sunglasses to protect pilots from glare at high altitude while maintaining a clear vision.So Ray-Ban successfully developed a new pair of aviators sunglasses with large visible-blocking lenses. Here is a pair of sunglasses with plastic frames and classic pilot lenses. They also call it the "clam mirror."


   Question Two: Its popularity

   There is an interesting metaphor in fashion circles for how popular a Ray Ban aviators is: as many toads in the world as many people wear ray ban aviators.It can be seen that clam mirror by how many people's favor. With the passage of time, black super is no longer limited to clam mirror, more and more fashionable sunglasses are known as black super.


   Question Three: the correct collocation of "Black Super" Ray Ban sunglasses

   If you look at the stars, you will know that "Black Super" itself will give people a sense of distance. Therefore, when wearing dark sunglasses, you should never wear clothes that are too formal and too dark.Wearing formal suits, for example, which is not suitable for dark fake ray bans, reminiscent of the mobster and his bodyguards.


   I suggest that women can use lace, bow and other clothing details to reconcile the "black super ray ban wayfarer sunglasses" strong and heavy.In addition, black ultrasound can cover up the shortcomings of the eye type, swelling, congestion and other eye problems, you can make good use of these problems. In addition, wearing light-colored sunglasses in the summer can make the viewer feel cooler.


   Yes, Ray Ban sunglasses sale can never be fooled. Instead, they can make more people pay attention to themselves.