Fake Ray Bans Sunglass is a kind of glasses that can be used to block the sun and to look chic at the same time. We use it to protect the eye from directly sun light. Wear this lens can block ultraviolet and infrared ray. Meanwhile, it can retain the original color, as if in the cloudy day, to give you a cool and comfortable feeling.


Intense sunlight contains a large number of ultraviolet and infrared rays, which may damage the eyes, including the cornea, the lens, and even the fundus. Wearing a pair of Cheap Knockoff Ray Ban sunglasses can block or absorb parts of the light and reduce the stimulation of the eye. Due to the increasing attention to the health in recent years, many people would prefer to wear a pair of glasses in the hot summer when they go out. Besides, there are also lots of people who like to put it as a decoration. We shall choose carefully according to different needs.

Colored Sunglasses: it reduces the intensity of the sun by their own absorption of light. To add different colors in the glasses, the degree of absorption is different accordingly.


Glass Coated Sunglasses: The glass lens is coated with a layer of metal film so as to protect the eyes by the reflection of the sun light.


ray bans cheap Discoloration Glasses: usually in the room, it is colorless, transparent. And it soon become gray or other colors while exposed to the sun. This kind of glasses can automatically become deep or light with the strength of the sun. This is because the photochromic lens is processed with a small quantity of halide as light sensitizer. At the same time, this automatic adjustment of light and shade lenses can be grinded into a vision correction lens and it is suitable for myopic eyes and hypermetropic eye. The weakness is that it cannot be more than 3 refraction degree (commonly known as 300 degrees).That is because the deeper the degree is, the vaster thickness difference between the center part and the edge will be. Therefore, the differences of the color vary greatly.

Transparent Plastic Glasses: plating on a certain color, there is anti ultraviolet effect, but the infrared-prevention performance is very poor. From the cool point of view, it is not as good as glass lenses, which is not suitable to wear in summer.


ray ban sunglasses canada Crystal Glasses: it can't block infrared rays and ultraviolet rays. Colored crystal lens performs not as good as the glass lens. It is said that the crystal lens does not hurt the eyes and relax your eyes, which as a matter of fact is nonsense.