Early spring season unusual fashion choose pair of Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses queen, sunglasses and patent is not a star, fashionistas can also wearing a pair of Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses to wearing their luster, a variety of styles, big sense of design, beautiful shape has become the protagonist collocation competence! Sometimes rely on a pair of sunglasses, can instantly get Dany queen!


Mercury mirror surface Sunglasses wearing a fashionable actress fan, it's summer, the sun scorching, wearing a pair of sunglasses can not only protect the eyes, but also go out an indispensable fashion items. From many fashion street shot you will find, there is a very brisk accessories' mercury mirror surface Sunglasses', mirror has been very brisk the, plus coating technology, the various color plating in the lens, let sunglasses is no longer monotonous black, and mirror lenses will reflect the front scenery, a kind of avant-garde modern sense makes you a second fashion, popular trend in recent years, see fashionistas to wear out 'mercury mirror surface Sunglasses' chic!

Silver mirror

A silver mirror for astronauts avant-garde feeling, whether it is plain white T, or pattern of the coat can do collocation, British it girl Alexa Chung, Fan Bingbing with fashion tribe guest Chiara Ferragni fondles admiringly.


Green mirror

Green mirror because itself has the intense color, so the collocation can select monochromatic, such as basic black and white coat, don't let the whole looks too fancy. Khloe Kardashian, Shu Qi, et al. Wear simple and fashionable.


Orange mirror

Orange mirror less a sense of science and technology, many a summer exclusive warm atmosphere, matching the effect of big lips very beautiful, very suitable for holiday when wearing Fake Ray Bans sunglasses. Huggins Li Zhongshuo and Vanessa, respectively, demonstrate the different feelings of men and women wear.


Blue mirror

Blue mirror than any other color more elegant, with the same eye-catching green mirror, Blue Sunglasses dress collocation is the choice of elements is simple clothes, and blue clothes do collocation is an excellent combination, socialite Olivia Palermo and Kate Hudson, a temperament, a leisure style collocation blue mercury sunglasses are good-looking!

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The colorful Cheap Knockoff Ray Ban Sunglasses

A thin woman colorful sunglasses, the fashion color of any match, wear on the face do not clip the face, suitable for any contact, the lens of colorful, let you earn enough eyeballs!

Big box fashion sunglasses

This lady is colorful frame sunglasses, the pose, wearing super stylish, it is the big star of favorites!


Colorful fashion Ray Ban RB4257 sunglasses

Electric blue colorful female sunglasses, toad lens shape, wearing a fan, but also can decorate a face model, let face look slimmer!


Round box colorful Sunglasses

Character of a colorful sunglasses, round glasses, looks very lovely feeling, colored contact lenses and bring trend.



This summer star Master recommended retro colorful sunglasses, worn on the ultra thin face significant! Used to shoot the street is also very good, the full tidal range.