Ray Ban sunglasses, with Harley locomotive, Zippo lighter also known as the symbol of American culture. Ray-Ban is the leader of the high-end glasses industry. The most well-known family is the AVIATO pilot sunglasses. There are almost one of the big-name stars at home and abroad! It is synonymous with fashion and fashion, and it is also the perfect combination of fashion and practicality! There are many styles of fake Ray Ban sunglasses. If you dont know, you will feel very complicated when you choose it. This guide will sort out the history and style of the Ray-Ban brand history, and the appearance and style characteristics of each series of sunglasses in the cheap Ray Ban sunglasses. Recommended with classic models. And provide detailed purchasing guidelines from lens, color, mirror, size, material, method of identifying authenticity and purchasing websites!

Ray-Ban is from the United States and is a world-renowned sunglasses brand. Belongs of high-end glasses. Ray-BAN not only has excellent sunglasses, but also has a strong symbolic meaning of people. It has now become one of the symbols of American culture.

The birth of the Ray-Ban sunglasses dates back to 1923 and is specially customized for the US Air Force. The Lieutenant John of the U.S. Army Aviation Corps completed the flight of driving a small aircraft to cross the Atlantic Ocean. The eyes of the eyes were shined with strong sunlight, causing adverse reactions, including visual fatigue, dizziness, blurred vision, and pain. The company makes a sunglasses that protect the eyes of pilots.

In 1930, the world's first pair of green lens sunglasses were successfully developed and welcomed by American pilots. They were officially adopted by the US Army Aviation Corps and named it "leader". In 1937, this sunglasses were officially named Ray-Ban to the public market. Ray is glare and BAN is blocked. (Aviator) and Wayfarer.

Ray ban story smart glasses


When you have a screen in front of you, keeping it may be a bitter thing. Ray-Ban Stories is a new type of smart glasses developed in cooperation with Facebook, allowing the wearer to capture and share photos and videos, listen to music and answer calls through frames. Each pair has two 5 megapixel cameras integrated into the mirror legs, as well as separated open speakers and three microphone audio arrays, which can be used with beam forming technology and background noise suppression algorithm to provide clear calls. The photo frame has a special capture button for photos and videos. A hard -connected LED that will light up when using the camera, and a capacitive touchpad on the side of the pole, for audio control. They are also compatible with Facebook assistant voice commands, and are used in conjunction with Facebook View applications that focus on privacy and have nothing to do with services. They have a traditional sunglasses bag and a charging box that can extend the battery life of 50 videos/200 photos. Provide 20 format combinations, including three styles of sunglasses and glasses: round, meteor and iconic WayFarer.