How to wear sunglasses?

* Not on the hair, nor on the forehead, but on the bridge of the nose.

*Don't wear it without sunlight. Especially indoors. Unless you're dining in a restaurant or club. So foreigners who love cheap Ray Ban sunglasses like to choose to have lunch outdoors.

*Keep in mind that wearing sunglasses of poor quality will not only protect your eyes, but also do more damage to your eyes.

Large dark ray ban sunglasses are basically a must-have accessory for celebrities to go out. First of all, because of its large size, it can be worn on the face. The small face can almost cover the entire face, and the large face can also cover 1/2 to 1/3. In addition, the advantage of choosing dark glasses is that wearing such glasses, others cannot see your eyes, and you can observe the surroundings under the cover of glasses.

The eyes are the same as the skin. If you are injured by strong ultraviolet rays, prolonged exposure to the sun will increase the risk of cataracts. Therefore, when choosing sunglasses, it is necessary to consider their ultraviolet light filtering function. The stronger the filtering function, the better the protection effect. Many people think that the darker the lens, the better it can avoid sunlight stimulation. This is not the case. The darker the lens is, the wider the pupils of the wearer will be, so if there is no UV filter function, the damage to the eyes will be greater. The national quality standard for sunglasses is: it can pass through more than 95 cages of ultraviolet rays; the light transmittance should be around 5%-30%, the bilateral lenses are fairly uniform in color and the rectification is not more than 5%, and the object is not deformed when viewed. Comfortable and bright.