Ray Ban Aviators are called "black super" in the fashion world, but the nickname is very image. Hollywood ace stylist said: "without sunglasses, there is no street shooting."Indeed, for stars, cheap ray ban sunglasses are really powerful. And in hot summer or any other season, the existence of this brand always calls for praise for fashion.


  But at the same time, it is also the most vivid styling manifesto, the best reason for countless stars to walk out of the street with confidence, and, of course, a shield for stars to avoid paparazzi shots.It can be said that stars make sunglasses-such as Audrey Hepburn and Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses; Sunglasses make a lot of stars, and there are plenty of stars who can't get out of the street with sunglasses. Next, answer some questions about cheap ray bans


  Question One: The birth of cheap ray ban sunglasses

  In the 1920s, pilots suffered from headaches and vertigo as a result of glare and long-distance flights.In 1929,general Creamery requests Ray-Ban to produce a new type of air force sunglasses to protect pilots from glare at high altitude while maintaining a clear vision.So Ray-Ban successfully developed a new pair of aviators sunglasses with large visible-blocking lenses. Here is a pair of sunglasses with plastic frames and classic pilot lenses. They also call it the "clam mirror."


   Question Two: Its popularity

   There is an interesting metaphor in fashion circles for how popular a Ray Ban aviators is: as many toads in the world as many people wear ray ban aviators.It can be seen that clam mirror by how many people's favor. With the passage of time, black super is no longer limited to clam mirror, more and more fashionable sunglasses are known as black super.


   Question Three: the correct collocation of "Black Super" Ray Ban sunglasses

   If you look at the stars, you will know that "Black Super" itself will give people a sense of distance. Therefore, when wearing dark sunglasses, you should never wear clothes that are too formal and too dark.Wearing formal suits, for example, which is not suitable for dark fake ray bans, reminiscent of the mobster and his bodyguards.


   I suggest that women can use lace, bow and other clothing details to reconcile the "black super ray ban wayfarer sunglasses" strong and heavy.In addition, black ultrasound can cover up the shortcomings of the eye type, swelling, congestion and other eye problems, you can make good use of these problems. In addition, wearing light-colored sunglasses in the summer can make the viewer feel cooler.


   Yes, Ray Ban sunglasses sale can never be fooled. Instead, they can make more people pay attention to themselves.