Earlier,I was fond of turning through historical essays, accidentally turning to the history of ray ban sunglasses sale. Sunglasses were first invented by the Chinese Ministry of torture in order not to disturb the testimony of witnesses. They were used to block the expression of the eyes.


   The earliest time is to use smoke crystal to make, generally is the official only then has the qualification belt, the use also is not to block the sunlight.So the question arises as to how modern sunglasses, such as how developed of Ray Ban eyeglasses


   Thus,I took such a question to ask my good friend, for the time being, Mr.Wang is a fashion talent, he keens to walk in the fashion front, clothing products are very good, he is also very handsome.The other day I asked him directly what the sunglasses were for? He asked me, "Are you talking about cheap Ray Ban sunglasses?" I said yes. He laughed but did not say anything.


   After, I went to his cloakroom, don't be surprised. It was strange for a man to own a cloakroom, but it was not surprising that he was on the cutting edge of fashion.So he has a cloakroom.

   I was brought straight to the sunglasses area,there are a variety of fake ray ban sunglasses.Among them,included in this is the classic style of the Ray Ban sunglasses aviator, the classic version of the Ray Ban Clubmaster Eyeing , the classic style of the Ray Ban round glasses RX3447V , the sun mirror of the wayfarer , the RB 3025 and the model RB4105 601S of the RB sunglasses.


   Of course, I'm strange men for this brand. A lot of people don't know what style it is, but different models of fake ray bans will have different numbers and suffixes.It represent different sunglasses style, materials and colors.Some model name is the same, but suffix is different, which can have very big difference.


   Mr.Wang took a pair of Ray Ban aviators 3025 dazzling edition and asked me what I saw, I do not understand its meaning, then he asked whether there is time to take me to play and in-depth understanding of the meaning of sunglasses.


   As expected, I was taken to the bar at night, we were not in the booth, but in the bar, holding the whisk and mint in hand, he slowly moved the sunglasses to the top of the head with smiled and said,do you understand now?


  In fact, I still do not understand, I asked a question with low voice, is it very handsome? He said the sunglasses used to block the sun this use is not the main use in foreign countries, it is used to be handsome.Then he went to the center and rocked.


  I was so puzzled.The next day I read books that I know it Borneo in the United States Air Force Lieutenant's Ray Ban sunglasses, after decades of development from military sunglasses.


  Cheap Ray Bans as a pair of sunglasses from civilian to fashion accessories, and now it is handsome in people’s mouth.