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The sunglasses in the movie were the fake ray bans aviator sunglasses, is Bausch & Lomb specially designed for the U.S. air force, then in 1937 the formal establishment of the Ray-Ban, which means "block glare". Two years later, in the Second World War, Ray-Ban Sunglasses became the standard air force in the United States. It was able to absorb 85% visible light anti glare green lenses, effectively protecting the pilot's 

<Top Gun>

Many people know that Ray-Ban is from the beginning of the 1986 film, and Tom Curise wearing a pilot uniforms and replica ray bans sunglasses knockoff looks very handsome!

<San Andreas>

In the movie the pilots wore Ray-Ban Sunglasses, this was called "the most successful conscription film" to Ray-Ban countless shots.

<Captain America>

In the American movie, the pilot must have a pair of cheap ray bans sunglasses, such as Dawn Johnson played a full of father’s fire department pilots.

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  In fact, every summer there will be a variety of sunset sunglasses series, but the ray bans outlet as a old brand, the classic was redefined is still very taste.