A wave of "mirror" show my trend whirlwind will be a strong attack, the global leader in the field of glasses Luxottica Group's classic sunglasses brand Ray Ban Outlet 2017 spring and summer tour will come to Shanghai Daning International Plaza, showing the latest brand products And a wealth of live events.

Cheap Ray Bans General Sunglasses RB3561

Classic square all-metal profile, the new ultra-thin thin plate mirror legs,  the classic color collocation Havana rubber sleeve plate. Frame colors include: exquisite gold, black and silver, and several new rich colors, including bronze, light bronze and moderate color bronze. High quality lenses, color options are dazzling: classic green, polarized green, blue gradient, gray and bright copper gradient and several soft multi-color gradient.


Ray Ban Ja jo sunglasses RB3592

The new fake Ray Bans Ja jo is an indispensable part of the season,which shows the aesthetic feeling of being happy. Large round outline, flowing with retro charming style. With a unique water color lenses, fashionable image to add a touch of jumping color. Super metal frame, optional gold, silver and copper. Candy-colored lenses are available in a variety of colors: pink, green, orange, dark purple and light blue.

Ray Ban aviator Sunglasses RB3025

Re-interpretation of the classic models, with a new color, lenses and unique decorative effect, showing unparalleled new effect. Features unique Ray Ban aviator new three different colors of brown metal frame, even more fashion chic. With ultra-fine mirror legs and three warm colors of the gradient lens.

Ray Ban optical lens RX7118F

Charming Pantos circle plate style, shiny level and full of modern color, redefine the Ray Ban modern optical mirror design, filling the city's influx of fashion charm.