Ran Ban Outlet As one of the worlds leading eyewear brands, Luxottica Group Ray-Ban brand since its inception, because of its heritage, excellence and global awareness, become the embodiment of international culture and lifestyle influence brand, achievements Many classic products,Cheap Ray Bans the eternal representative of the trend of glasses. Following the successively stationed in Shanghai Nanjing East Road, Beijing Wangfujing Street, Chengdu People's Road, Guangzhou Mayflower Square and other places, today, the image of the store in Shanghai's most fashionable property landmark area - Huaihai Road grand opening, So that the influx of people in Shanghai with fearless posturing the pursuit of the ultimate fashion.

Luxottica Group CEO Filippo Resini attended the ceremony of Ray-Ban super fans Yuan Yawei and Chen Bring together for the Ray-Ban image stores the ribbon, to bring creative spirit trendsetter with Ray-Ban brand experience space.

Fake Ray Bans image store is not only a store, Its an experience space for consumers to create a unique Ray-Ban experience. We hope that Ray-Ban core spirit, that is chasing the real,heritage and outstanding uncompromising relentless culture. Mr Filippo Resini said, we believe that expanding Ray Ban retail store network in China is not only conducive to promoting the development of Ray Ban brand, but also to promote the development of Ray-Ban culture,The visibility, but also for us to provide new opportunities for consumers to showcase our full range of products and services.

Well-designed image of Ray-Ban shop in addition to a full range of Ray-Ban products, but also introduced an exclusive original Ray-Ban Genuine Lens lens, including the degree of dyeing lenses with ROX and other options. At the same time the store also set up a special "model-based consultancy services", accompanied by the professional model consultants selected customers and try glasses, glasses frame type and style of advisory services to help consumers find their own products.

Rayban image store also focused on the introduction of the "Ray-Ban REMIX exclusive custom" - consumers can customize the exclusive Ray-Ban sunglasses online, a variety of colors, frames, free combination of mirror legs, heart portfolio, but also in the glasses and mirror box On the addition of proprietary lettering. In addition, in order to allow consumers to experience the different needs of one-stop glasses, consumers can also enjoy the image of the Ray Ban image of the international standard of professional optometry and optical lens adaptation services.

To celebrate the grand opening of the Huaihai store, Ray-Ban image store to bring the first branch store sales - the world 's limited edition models of people Cheap Knockoff Ray Ban Sunglasses RB4246. Round frame appearance with blue flash lenses, expression of unconventional, only my exclusive and bold publicity personality, is to create a modern image, to develop a cool fashion trend of the secret weapon, but also to the unique contours and classic design of a new Dedicated to the interpretation of Ray -Ban's innovative spirit. The future will also have more stores selling limited edition models, so stay tuned.

On the opening day, from music, art and other fields, love Ray-Ban and love Ray-Ban spirit of Ray Ban super fans gathered at the scene, bringing unprecedented cool feeling and shock. The most influential Chinese DJ, Wordy, from the New Jersey genius graffiti artist Jayson Atienza and other trend pioneer with a unique performance (the most influential people in the world) And creative interpretation of the fearless spirit of Ray-Ban, the image of the shop for Ray-Ban momentum.