I was a bit skeptical initially to buy this new wayfarer instead of the iconic original ray ban wayfarer. But I'm pleasantly surprised at the way this fits my face. The decreased angle of the temple limbs, where they meet the frame, is very much responsible for the better fit. The original Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses wayfarer makes an awkward angle while sitting on the nose because of the acute angle the temple limbs make with the frame. I don't exactly know when Ray Ban released this new wayfarer, but these are way better than the original wayfarer without any doubt. Had I known earlier, I would have bought them immediately. I have no doubt that the sales for the iconic fake ray bans wayfarer will go down. I'm sure if you try this once, you will not buy the original wayfarer. With hassle free returns policy, you've got nothing to lose if you try this once. My next  replica ray ban sunglasses will be the polarised version to help me see better without that annoying and dangerous glare while driving after a snowfall. Thank you Ray Ban for this change in design and thanks to the reasonable price. I bought the yellow tortoise with B-15 non-polarised lenses. How I wished we have polarised version in this frame and lens colour for the new wayfarer.

Cheap Ray Ban RB2132 Wayfarer Sunglasses Brown Gradient

As I said earlier , I ordered the polarised version of this model. Ordered them on fakeraybansclubmaster.com - sold and shipped (They are genuine. Checked both the colours at Sunglass Hut and everything checks out perfect). Awesome! Just awesome! The fit, comfort and style. This time, I ordered the blackframe with polarised G-15 lenses. The glare is significantly less with these, compared to the non-polarised wayfarers. But the B-15 lenses seem to cut significantly more light than the polarised G-15 lenses, which means the world seems significantly darker with the non-polarised B-15 lenses than with the polarised G-15 lenses. I don't know which one is darker between the non-polarised B-15 and the non-polarised G-15. But, between the non-polarised B-15 and polarised G-15, the former is definitely, without a doubt, significantly darker. I'm satisfied with both of them and wear them at different times. The comfort with the new wayfarers is unmistakable. Both my wayfarers are size 52 since my face is a bit on the smaller side. Anybody who wants that timeless look of the original wayfarers (2140) should try these new wayfarers (2132). You get almost the same look of the original wayfarers. The added comfort and fit are bonus over the original wayfarers. Hassle-free return policy means you have nothing to lose for trying them on. Thank you  for the genuine stuff at such reasonable prices.

Nice quality and not to worry, most sunglasses are now made in China ... this does not affect their authenticity, it just means that Luxottica branched their factories out. Nice frames awaiting whatever you have in mind for them.